5 Reasons to Buy Secondhand Clothing

As someone who consigns clothing, buying secondhand clothing is clearly something that I strongly support. There are so many benefits – it saves money and helps the environment, to name a few. Keep reading to see my top 5 reasons for buying your clothing secondhand!

5 Reasons to Buy Secondhand Clothing

It costs less.

One of the first reasons that comes to mind is that buying secondhand clothing costs less. (Unless you’re buying an investment designer piece, which can go up in value over time.) You can get the same product but pay about a third of the price for it, so your money goes a lot further.

The reduced price is not necessarily because the clothes are worn or of bad quality. If you think about the reasons why people sell their clothes, it’s rarely because they’re too worn out. No one would buy that anyway! Those clothes have been loved enough and it’s time for them to be recycled.

But the clothes you find at secondhand and consignment shops are usually the ones that didn’t fit, weren’t the right style, or were not loved by their owners. Otherwise, they probably would want to keep it. So, in most cases, you can find new or like-new pieces in need of a good home, for a fraction of the original retail price.

It’s better for the environment.

Another good reason to purchase secondhand clothing is to reduce waste and the negative impacts of fast fashion on the environment. This couldn’t be more relevant today, when the effects of climate change are becoming more and more obvious.

There are plenty of good clothes out there that have a lot of life left in them. Yet companies keep producing more and more to keep up with new trends and satisfy consumers. The constant need for something new trapped me for a long time. I was caught up in the cycle of spending money, buying in excess, and still wanting more. This in turn uses up our planet’s dwindling resources. Meanwhile, the trendy clothes we bought last week which are now out of style could end up unused at the back of our closet, or worse, in a landfill.

You can find one-of-a kind pieces.

Buying secondhand clothing is one of the best ways to find unique, one-of-a kind pieces. It might take a bit more work to pick through each individual item in secondhand stores. However, it could have a major payoff when you find that one item that totally speaks to you and suits your personal style to a T. It’s becoming more of a trend these days to have some unique, vintage pieces in your wardrobe.

The clothes you buy will last.

Purchasing high-quality clothing these days is expensive. There are a lot of fast fashion shops that offer cheaper alternatives. However, a lot of these pieces will fall apart after one or two washes, and then you’ll need to purchase something else.

On the other hand, a lot of vintage clothing was made to last. Especially if it has already been used and still made its way into a thrift shop, you can probably expect it to withstand at least a few more years of wear.

Another consideration is lasting style, not just quality. You can find a lot of great classic pieces at secondhand shops. As long as you have a good sense of your personal style, whether it is new or secondhand doesn’t really matter.

You’re helping a fellow human being.

Finally, it’s great to feel like you’re helping another person by buying their clothing. It’s a win-win situation when you can buy something from someone else. Firstly, you’re getting it for a better price. On the other hand, they’re making a bit of money back on something that wasn’t serving them, while also decluttering their closet. It can feel so rewarding to make this exchange with a person instead of giving more of your money to a corporation.

Final thoughts

I don’t mean to try and convince anyone that you should never buy anything new. But I would like to try and change the perception that buying secondhand is something we should be ashamed of. If you can get the same product in good condition, for less money, and know that you’re reducing your environmental footprint, there is nothing to be ashamed about! I think it is something we should be proud of. I’m so happy to see in recent years that thrift shopping and buying vintage has become stylish on its own.

If you don’t already, I encourage you to check out your local thrift stores or take a look on my Depop where I am selling some great pre-loved items. And, let me know your favourite place to shop secondhand in the comments below!

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5 Reasons to Buy Secondhand Clothing

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