How to Get Over Wardrobe Boredom

Recently, I undertook a 12 x 12 Challenge where I wore only 12 items for 12 days. It was fun and I learned a lot! But to make sure I wasn’t wearing the exact same outfit everyday, I had to get creative. Towards the few final days, I started to feel a little bit bored with such a limited number of pieces.

Being fair, 12 is a pretty low number of items to have in a closet. (The ‘recommended’ capsule wardrobe is even 37 pieces, so about three times that!) Whether your wardrobe is big or small, I think we can all relate to that feeling of being bored with the same old clothes.

Today I wanted to share some of my personal tips and tricks for getting over wardrobe boredom.

10 Ways to Get Over Wardrobe Boredom

1. Look for Inspiration

Whenever my wardrobe is feeling stale, the first thing I like to do is look for some fresh inspiration. One of the best places to do this is Pinterest. I have boards for everyday street style, work wear, travel style, and evening attire. Because I save a lot of these types of ideas, Pinterest serves up new pins on the daily for me to scroll through. Whenever I find an outfit that I like, especially one that I have similar pieces for in my wardrobe, I’ll save it to the relevant board so that I can go back to it when I need to.

There are so many places out there aside from Pinterest as well – Instagram is obviously another top choice for finding inspiration. Find the way that works for you and then use it whenever you’re feeling the wardrobe boredom coming on!

2. Declutter Your Closet

I truly believe that less is more when it comes to your closet. Taking away the clutter is the best way to refresh your wardrobe and make it feel all shiny and new again. This does not, however, mean that you should shop to replace all of the items you’ve removed.

Having old pieces that you don’t love anymore in your closet creates noise and makes it hard to see your favourites. Decluttering is simply a way of picking those items that you love and making them stand out.

3. Put Seasonal Items Away

Another great trick for having less clutter in your closet is to put away anything not currently in season. If you’re not going to wear it now anyway, there’s no use in looking at it every day and getting bored of seeing it. Store these items away until you’re ready to wear them again.

The best part is getting to ‘shop your closet’ when the season finally comes around. You’ll get to see all of those clothes again and they’ll feel new since you haven’t seen them in so long!

4. Know Your Favourites

There will be some days where you just don’t feel inspired, and that’s okay. For this reason it’s a good thing to know your favourite pieces and outfits in your wardrobe. These will be the outfits that you can just throw on without thinking and know that you will feel comfortable and confident. This is also great for if you’re ever in a rush or just have no idea what to wear for an occasion.

5. Refresh with Intention

Refreshing your wardrobe periodically is a great way to keep things feeling new without breaking the bank. I do a small refresh once every 3-6 months, mainly when the seasons change. It’s best to plan ahead so that you can purchase items that go with the overall style you’re trying to achieve, and fit within your budget. I share some tips on how to do this in my recent How to Shop Like a Minimalist article.

6. Accessorize

You knew this was going to be on the list, didn’t you? Accessories are one of the simplest ways to keep your outfits looking fresh and different. I don’t have a lot of accessories, but even just changing out your bag or pair of shoes can make a world of difference to one outfit. A statement necklace or watch has the same effect. Try playing around with accessorizing your outfits differently and see how much it changes!

7. Reorganize Your Closet

Aside from decluttering your closet, reorganizing it is a great way to see your pieces differently. Try sorting them by colour, weight (light to heavy), height (short to long), or any way that makes the most sense to you. This can offer a completely different perspective on your closet and might inspire you to wear something differently or try something new.

8. Clean and/or Mend Clothing

It’s frustrating to have a favourite piece in your wardrobe that you can’t wear because of a tear, stain, missing button, etc. Taking some time to properly clean and mend your clothes can make them feel new and encourage you to wear them again. If it’s too far gone, it’s probably time to recycle that piece as it’s not doing you any good in your wardrobe at the moment!

9. DIY

This one is a little adventurous but could have great payoff. Instead of shopping for a new trend, try updating an old or little-worn piece yourself! It’s fun and a nice way to get creative with your clothes. Plus, it means your item will be totally unique and completely your style. Examples: turning an old pair of jeans into cutoffs or a skirt (I used to do this all the time in high school); turning a regular t-shirt into a crop top; shortening the hem of a dress. The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of time and effort you could end up with a new piece that you love.

10. Mix It Up

My last tip is to mix it up and try new combinations. This is where some inspiration comes in handy, but you can also try just randomly taking items from your wardrobe and putting them together. The best part of having a Simple Wardrobe is that you love the items that you have, and they all fit a cohesive style. That way, most pieces that you own should ideally work together.

So those are all of my tips and tricks for getting over wardrobe boredom! What are some of the ways that you keep your outfits feeling fresh and new? I’d love to hear in the comments below! And, I hope you enjoyed reading this article. See you again next week!

Emily xx

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