5 Instagram Thrift Stores You Need to Follow

I don’t know about you, but I find thrifting to be a lot of fun. There’s just something about walking into a store and finding a total gem for something like $4 that makes it so much more rewarding than buying new pieces that I want. That said, it is a lot of time and work to sort through all of the racks and actually find those pieces. Unfortunately, it’s rare that I actually find something that I like – most of the time, I walk away with nothing and try again another time.

Thankfully, thrifting online has become much more prevalent these days, and in that case it’s a lot easier to sort through items and find what you’re looking for. Instagram especially has fostered the rise of smaller, independent-run shops that curate amazing vintage and pre-loved pieces for you, making it even easier to find something beautiful. So, in this article I wanted to share some of my favourite independent Instagram thrift stores with you!

It feels a little bit like giving away a secret, but these shops are just so great and if it gets more people to shop secondhand over new, then it’s worth it. A lot of them are local to me in BC, Canada but shipping is always available. With all that said, let’s get started!

1. Gathered (@gatheredgoodsforyou)

Gathered is a small shop run by two sisters out of Langley, BC, very close to where I grew up. Their vintage finds are just ah-mazing! They have such a good eye for picking timeless pieces in high-quality fabrics. They actually sent me a small bundle of tops for fall so that I could share them with you, and I was floored by what they sent – a very cute knitted sleeveless top, a gorgeous silk button down, and a 100% merino wool turtleneck in the most beautiful fall red hue. (Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I’m styling these pieces for fall!) If that weren’t enough, they also donate 10% of their sales to a local women’s shelter, so you can feel extra-good about your purchase.

Shop Gathered

2. Dainty Insight (@daintyinsight)

Dainty Insight is a shop based out of Vancouver, BC and is also available through Poshmark. Their shop features a lovely assortment of neutrals and basics that would work for any wardrobe.

Shop Dainty Insight

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3. Lost Together (@_losttogether)

Lost Together is a shop based in the Okanagan Valley, BC. Their in-store shop features a curated collection of vintage and modern pre-loved goods. They have an online shop coming soon, but in the meantime you can take a look at their amazing insta feed for inspiration!

Shop Lost Together

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4. Shop Truce (@shop.truce)

I caught wind of this one via Sara from @petraalexandra, and boy is it a good one. They offer free shipping within Canada as well as eco-friendly packaging! And, their pieces are just gorgeous – one look at their Instagram feed has me hooked and feeling like I’ll only ever shop vintage from this point forward.

Shop Truce

5. The Oak Closet (@theoakcloset)

Finally, The Oak Closet offers amazing vintage and modern pre-loved clothing as well as jewelry. Their picks are so, so good – from a floor-length button-down linen dress to vintage Lee jeans to wool coats. They have it all -and it’s beautiful.

Shop The Oak Closet

Bonus Shop: Found Natural Goods (@foundnaturalgoods)

Okay, I need to sneak in one more because it’s a really good one, but since it’s not in the clothing category I figured it’s more of a bonus shop. Found Natural Goods offers home goods, handmade jewelry and organic self-care. They have an in-person store in Bend, Oregon but you can also shop online. It really feels like they offer such neat things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, like Botanical Sprinkles (an all-natural flower petal garnish for sweets and baked goods).

Shop Found Natural Goods

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it gave you some great new secondhand shops to follow! What’s your favourite place to shop secondhand? Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Emily Lightly

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