5 Ways to Organize Hanging Clothes in Your Closet

We’re now hitting around month 7-8 of this pandemic, and I don’t know about you, but I’m finally starting to go a bit stir crazy. And I’m an introvert, so that’s saying something! Thankfully, we don’t have many cases where we live so the danger is quite low for us. But we still try to stay home and self-quarantine as much as possible, limiting our trips outside the house to only what’s essential.

However, lately I’ve felt the need to combat my growing boredom. Because we’ve been home so much, I’ve started finding little things to do here and there around our apartment. One of those is re-organizing my closet and how I store all of my clothes!

As I was going through my hanging clothes, I kept thinking of different ways I could try organizing them – so that’s what I wanted to share with you in today’s article. In case you’re also feeling the need for a project or just want to give your closet a bit of a refresh, here are five new and different ways to try organizing the hanging clothes in your closet!

1. By Item Type

The first method, and the way that I normally hang my clothes, is by item type. I start with tops, and within that typically organize by sleeve length (shortest to longest). So things like tanks and camis go at the far left, slowly moving through button-up shirts, and then cardigans and blazers.

After that I hang bottoms like skirts and pants. Finally, on the far right I hang all of my dresses and then jumpsuits together. This way works really well because I have a small closet, it’s helpful to hang things that are the same length together to maximize space. The dresses on the far right take up a lot of vertical space, but under the shorter tops and pants I’m able to store some things like shoe boxes and my suitcase.

2. By Season

Another way I thought would be fun to organize hanging clothes is by season. So grouping all of your warmer weather clothes together, all the way down to heavy-duty winter items. This would work well for someone who has a large closet space and doesn’t need to store away seasonal items, but doesn’t want the fuss of having to sort through your out-of-season items when getting dressed. Plus, I think it would be fun to be able to see your little seasonal capsules all separately!

3. By Colour

I’ve seen this one done a lot, and I have to say it is super aesthetically pleasing. I think this would be so much fun for someone with a really colourful wardrobe, and it certainly makes things easy to find.

I’m someone who has a more muted overall palette, but I still think this would work. The thing about organizing by colour is it instantly makes your clothes look more neat and tidy, as if you’re browsing through a boutique instead of your own closet.

4. By Most to Least Worn

This is a method I’d like to try at least for a little while if not all the time. I think it would be a great way to understand which of your pieces are getting the most mileage, and on the other hand, which ones you’re really not getting much use of.

I think this could be super helpful if you’re wanting to understand your personal style more, declutter some of your least worn items, or just have your favourites all in one place where they are easily accessible.

5. By Activity

Finally, the last way I thought of organizing your closet is by activity type. So you could hang your clothes that are more casual and for day wear together; then if you work in an office or a job with a uniform, have all of those clothes together; and then maybe have a section for evening wear, active wear, etc.

I imagine this would be useful for someone who has very clear lines between what they wear for different parts of their day. It would also be a great way to help identify gaps or areas to declutter in your wardrobe; you might find that you need more casual tops, or that you have way too many pairs of the same-coloured slacks for work.

I hope you enjoyed this article, and that it gave you some new ideas and inspiration for your own closet. Let me know how you organize your closet in the comments below – I’d love to hear!

Thanks for reading,

Emily Lightly

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5 Ways to Organize Hanging Clothes in Your Closet - Emily Lightly

Featured photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

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