Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane

Welcome back to the blog! I’m so excited to be partnering with Everlane for today’s article. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that a lot of my wardrobe is from Everlane. They just tick a lot of boxes for me – they’re affordable, offer high-quality basics, and their brand is built on the foundational values of sustainability, ethics, and transparency.

Everlane is such a great place to get foundational basic pieces for any wardrobe, which is very on topic because in today’s post I’m going to be sharing some basic wardrobe essentials with you! They kindly sent me their Basics Kit to share with you, which includes a basic tee, a pair of denim, a pair of day heels, and a bodysuit so your entire outfit is covered. I’m going to do a review of each piece and let you know what I think. Let’s get into it!

The Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee

Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane - Emily Lightly

You’ve heard it from me a thousand times – my favourite outfit is a basic tee, jeans, and sneakers. Everlane’s basic tees are as good as they get. I love the Cotton Box-Cut Pocket Tee as it’s a looser kind of boyfriend fit, which I feel more comfortable in than fitted shirts. It’s the perfect length for wearing untucked or doing a slight front-tuck, which I love! This one is such a beautiful colour as well. It’s made of 100% cotton so you don’t need to worry about any synthetics when you throw it in the wash. Overall, this tee is a 10/10 for me.

The Relaxed Boyfriend Jean

I didn’t think I could find a pair of denim that I like as much as my beloved AGOLDE Jamie’s, but the Relaxed Boyfriend Jean comes pretty close. I wanted a more vintage, looser fit – I’m definitely not as much into the skinny jeans these days. I got these in a size 27 which is my normal size, and these ones fit a little snug to start, but they are slowly loosening up over time to the perfect fit. I love that they have a button fly and are around ankle height on me (I’m 5’9″ for reference). They’re just the kind of denim that you can throw on any day of the week and feel both comfortable and put-together in.

Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane - Emily Lightly

The Day Heel

Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane - Emily Lightly

I’d seen Everlane’s Day Heels everywhere, but to be honest I’m not much of a heel person, so I never invested in a pair for myself. But now that I actually got to try a pair, I have to say I kind of love them. They’re so comfortable for a heel, I feel like I could actually get away with wearing them for a whole day. I was a little worried that the elasticated back would would cut in to my heel for the first while, but it’s actually very stretchy and not uncomfortable on first wear at all. I think these could actually convert me into a heel-wearing person!

The Bodysuit

I have a love-hate relationship with bodysuits. On one hand, it’s so nice to just throw on one piece to wear under your clothes. But let’s be honest – going to the washroom with a bodysuit can be a bit of a pain! I’m also a bra size 36C, so I often need more support than just a bodysuit can offer. For those reasons, I wouldn’t consider a bodysuit an essential basic for myself, but perhaps you feel differently – let me know in the comments below! What I will say is that Everlane’s Bodysuit is so amazingly soft and feels so nice to put on. I also love the look of the low back and the automatic tuck into the jeans. I guess my love-hate relationship will continue!

Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane - Emily Lightly

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What items do you consider basic essentials in your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

Until next time,

Emily Lightly

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Basic Wardrobe Essentials with Everlane - Emily Lightly

Note: These items were gifted to me by Everlane to share with you. All opinions are my own. This article contains affiliate links, meaning I make a small commission off purchases made through these links. For more information, please read my disclaimer. Thank you for your support!

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  • Hi Emily
    I’ve been a reader for months. You’re such an inspiration … I wish I had your style. Just wanted to let you know. Also, don’t be afraid of using bodysuits because they don’t provide support for your breast. I’m a 28G and I love bodysuits, just look for those which allow you to wear a bra underneath and that’s it.

  • Hi Emily, this isn’t directly related to the items above, but I was wondering if you had any experience with slim cotton long sleeve crew? I’m on the hunt for a simple long sleeve T and this one caught my eye! I haven’t ordered from Everlane before, and am seeming to find mixed reviews. The price is good, but I don’t want to compromise quality. Some of the reviews suggest that this top is poor quality, see through, and doesn’t hold its shape. Any insight?


    PS I LOVE your blog 🙂 🙂 L)

  • Hi Emily!

    Love your blog! I love wearing a tee, jeans, low-heeled boots or shoes, and a big sweater. I’ll wear a boyfriend cardigan in warmer weather and a tunic sweater in colder weather for warmth. Color, fabric, and cut can really change the look of the pieces; I like low heels because I walk several miles a day at my job, but feel they are a little dressier than sneakers.