How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery

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As someone with a more neutral and basic wardrobe, I find that playing with smaller details like jewelry and accessories can really help elevate an outfit. Lately I’ve really been into layered necklace looks and have been saving a lot of ideas on Pinterest. I’ve found that depending on what shapes you go for and what pieces you use, you can achieve a variety of looks and switch it up every day for something different.

For this article, I worked with Rellery to select a necklace capsule from their current collection. These four necklaces can be mixed and matched to achieve a variety of layered looks. Today I’ll show you some different ways that I like to layer necklaces and give you my best styling tips.

How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

About the Brand

How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

Rellery is a fine jewelry brand that offers high-quality pieces at an affordable price. They use only precious metals and their designs are made to last. Their jewelry is made ethically in their Rhode Island studio with local materials as much as possible, and they sell directly to their customers to provide the best value. Most of their items are made-to-order to keep waste to a minimum.

They also offer personalization; many of their pieces can be engraved with names, initials, or even short quotes so that they hold a more personal and special meaning. In short, their jewelry is meant to be kept and loved for years, which is what I’m all about.

The Necklace Capsule

To start, I’ve chosen two chain necklaces of different thicknesses: the Cuban Link Necklace, which is more bold; and the Boyfriend Chain Necklace, which is more dainty and understated.

Next are two more personalized pendant necklaces. I love how the asymmetrical edges of the Virgo Necklace give it a more raw and organic feel. I also have the Bold Peony Necklace (which is a September flower for my birthday), and I chose to personalize this one with a small e for my name. The nice thing about the pendant necklaces is you can just remove the pendants and wear the chain on its own, so it’s like two necklaces in one!

Lastly, Rellery kindly sent me their newly launched Jewelry Case which is the perfect way to store my necklace capsule along with any other dainty pieces like rings and earrings.

How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

How to Layer Necklaces

How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

When layering necklaces, my first tip is to mix and match different weights, textures, and styles. So I like to pair a heavier, bold piece with something more understated and dainty. I also like mixing chains with pendants. This keeps things interesting but also ensures it looks balanced.

It’s also important to vary the lengths so that each necklace is visible on its own. You can try layering chokers with more medium to longer necklaces. The nice thing about Rellery’s chains is that they are all adjustable, so you can work with slightly different lengths.

How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

When combining jewelry it’s my personal preference not to mix metals; as you can see, I’ve stuck with all gold pieces for this capsule. However, this is totally up to you and if you enjoy mixing silver, gold, rose gold, or other tones together, I say go for it!

My last tip is to layer two to three pieces. I find that as soon as you have four, it can start to look a little too busy. That said, it’s best to just give it a try and see what works for you!

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it gave you some tips for how to mix and match your own jewelry for a layered look. Are you more of a layered necklace or one-and-done kind of person? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

Emily Lightly
How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly
How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly
How to Layer Necklaces featuring Rellery - Emily Lightly

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