Fall Outfit Inspiration – Cosy Autumn Layers

Thanksgiving came so fast this year (for us Canadians, anyway). Wasn’t it just summer like a day ago? I have a feeling that the rest of this year is going to speed right by, especially with our move coming up. I know I keep saying that we’re moving, but we don’t actually have our final date yet (although we’re confident it’ll be in November.) With that between us and Christmas, these next few months are going to fly by.

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn LayersThat said, I love this time of year, and I want to savour every moment of it. So I’m trying to balance all of the busy with things that keep me mindful and present. For me, I like to make sure I’m scheduling in enough down time, which is easy to justify this time of year. Cosying up on the couch with a book and a mug of tea is one of my favourite slow-living rituals.

I also like to try to keep myself in the current moment by engaging my other senses; things like playing soft music or lighting a fall-scented candle. If I find my mind drifting too far into worries of the future, I can focus on the song or the scents to bring myself back. What are some of your tips on how to slow things down during busy times?

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn Layers

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn Layers

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn LayersThis week’s outfit is featuring some cosy autumn layers that keep me warm on these quintessential, grey Vancouver days. I love these pants so, so much – they are so comfortable and the colour is everything – but to be honest, I find them a little hard to style. They’re slightly too long to pair with ankle boots, so I opted for my Everlane loafers.

I also threw on my old Zara biker jacket which was a little too light for the day’s cool temperature, so I bundled up in my favourite grey blanket scarf. The whole look is giving me serious autumnal vibes, especially the beautiful colour of the pants which totally reminds me of the leaves changing.

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn Layers

Fall Outfit Inspiration - Cosy Autumn Layers

I was wearing:

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  • Hi! I just saw your year around capsule wardrobe and I feel in love in that wool coat, Babaton, Cormac Coat. Unfortunately it seems like it’s out of stock at ArtiziaDo you have any idea where to find a similar coat?

    best regards / åsa from sweden

    • Hi! I haven’t ever seen a similar coat from other brands, although I do know Aritzia has restocked it the past couple of years, so they might bring it back again. You could try and find one secondhand on poshmark or depop or a similar site. Hope this helps! 🙂